Welcome to the Leader of Pedagogy Website

This is an exciting and unique role in our schools and an opportunity for you to help improve student outcomes and school standards by working closely with teachers to improve effectiveness through professional development, collaboration and cooperation. You are in a position to make a real difference in the school.

As a Leader of Pedagogy you have three key objectives:

  1. Support the school develop the Contemporary Learning Framework
  2. Lead the school’s implementation process for the Australian Curriculum
  3. Foster the Professional Learning community concept within the school

The focus of this position is on the continuous improvement of teaching and learning. The Leader of Pedagogy will support teachers in the development, refinement and sharing of their teaching practice to improve learning outcomes for every student. We expect the Leader of Pedagogy to be highly visible in classrooms, sharing and enhancing practice through working cooperatively with teachers and the school leadership team.

The networking and exchange of strategies between all Leaders of Pedagogy, through this website, and in other forums, will greatly enhance your effectiveness. You are part of a terrific group of professionals chosen for your skills and ability to enthuse and motivate others.

Congratulations on your appointment. We wish you every success and assure you of the Education Services Team’s full support.